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Hadoop Security

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Hadoop Security

Big Data


Securing Hadoop Cluster is of utmost importance for every organization. It enables an organization to keep data safe and secure. This also ensures that the organization is compliant with various standards like PCI, HIPAA etc.

The course focuses on Authentication, Authorization and Encryption aspects of Cloudera Hadoop Security. This will cover theoretical to practical aspects of Hadoop Security.

After completing this course, students will be able to secure Cloudera Hadoop Cluster w.r.t. 3 aspects i.e. Authentication, Authorization and Encryption.


This course is designed for Cloudera administrators who will be implementing secure Hadoop clusters using Authentication, Authorization and Encryption.

Upon completion of this course, one should be able to:

  • Understand Cloudera Hadoop Security Fundamentals
  • Understand Kerberos Basics
  • Purpose of Kerberos
  • How to implement Kerberos
  • How to integrate Windows AD with Kerberos
  • How to implement Sentry
  • Data in motion encryption
  • Data at rest encryption

The intended audience for this course

  • Cloudera Hadoop Administrators
  • Security Specialists interested in Hadoop Security
  • Data Engineers
Hadoop Security Overview
  • What is Hadoop Security?
  • Why it is Important?
  • Security Aspects: Key things to consider
  • Securing the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Spin up Cloudera multi-node cluster
  • Authentication Approaches, Pros and Cons
  • Introduction to MIT Kerberos
  • How to work with MIT Kerberos?
  • How to enable Kerberos Authentication in Cloudera Manager (CM)
  • Executing HDFS commands
  • Working with YARN applications
  • Perform Ad-hoc Analysis using Hive
  • Kerberos Integration with Windows Active Directory (AD)
  • Advantages of working with AD
  • Windows Active Directory Server Installation
  • Configuring AD Server
  • Integrating Hue With Active Directory
  • Preparing Cluster With Kerberos Authentication
  • Integrating Kerberos With Active Directory
  • Enabling Single Sign On
  • Key Authorization Frameworks
  • What is Apache Sentry?
  • Working with Sentry Authorization
  • Integrating Sentry with HUE
  • Querying Hive
  • HDFS Extended ACLs
  • Limitations of Sentry
  • What is Cloudera Record Service?
  • Why it is required?
  • Implementing Record Service
  • Types of Encryptions
  • OS level encryption
  • HDFS encryption
  • Setting up HDFS Encryption Zone
  • Working with HDFS Encryption Zones
  • Data in motion Encryption
  • Introduction to SSL Tools
  • Using a Self-Signed Root CA
  • Enabling and Validating SSL For Hadoop Core
  • SASL Hive And HiveServer2
  • SSL With Hue
Other Security related Topics
  • Auditing using Cloudera Navigator
  • HBase ACLs
  • Impersonation
  • Masking Sensitive Data
  • Login using KeyTab file
  • UserGroupInformation Basics

Participants should have knowledge of Linux administration.

Course Information


2 Days

Mode of Delivery

Instructor led/Virtual

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