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Starburst Enterprise, based on open source Trino (formerly PrestoSQL) is the fastest SQL-based MPP query engine.

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About Starburst

Starburst is a leading data analytics company that specializes in optimizing and accelerating access to data - wherever it resides. With its innovative technology, Starburst enables organizations to seamlessly query and analyze data across various sources, including Data Lakes, data warehouses, and cloud storage systems. The company's flagship products, Starburst Galaxy and Starburst Enterprise, leverage advanced optimization techniques to deliver lightning-fast query performance, empowering data analysts and engineers to extract valuable insights from massive amounts of data quickly. With a focus on scalability, simplicity, and efficiency, Starburst is revolutionizing the way businesses unlock the full potential of their data. DataCouch is offering specialized Starburst training to help you kickstart your data-driven decision-making journey for fostering innovation.

About DataCouch

Since 2016, DataCouch is a leading Enterprise IT Training and Consultancy company based in India, Canada, and Malaysia. Our team of experts is a trusted Global Training Partner or have delivered technology training for many Fortune 500 companies including Adobe, Apple, BCG, Google, Microsoft, Neo4j, PayPal, Salesforce, Starbucks, Visa, Walmart and many more. We have expertise in delivering high-impact value in major bleeding-edge technologies including Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Scalable Machine Learning, Data Science, DevOps, RPA, IoT, Metaverse and many more.


Unleash the Power of Your Data

Starburst's cutting-edge technology solutions redefine the possibilities of data lakehouses, empowering enterprises to unlock deeper insights and drive innovation.

Getting started with Starburst for Data Analysts

Empower Your Data Analysis Journey with Starburst's User-Friendly Tools and Features

Optimizing data lakehouses with Starburst

Accelerate Insights and Unleash the Power of Data with Starburst's modern data lake analytics platform.


What our clients are saying

Awesome Course

I had the privilege of taking a course with her as a part of Intuit's continuing education program learning Apache Spark. Her class was engaging and informative, and allowed me to walk away with a solid foundation in Spark that I could put into action immediately. She's an absolute joy and I can't wait to take more courses with her in the future.

Michelle Melton MLOps 📚+ AI🧠 → Computer Vision👀 + Robotics 🤖+ a pinch of Game Dev 🎮

Fantastic Course

We had the pleasure of having an instructor teach us the depth of Hive SQL for our data analytics teams within Finance. We all enjoyed it, as the material was easy to follow, and the instructor provided some hands-on exercises that were really helpful. In addition, they provided material afterwards for us to practice and strengthen our skills further. We cannot wait for the instructor to come back and teach us more.

Sheila Golrang Manager, Data & Analytics at Intuit

Extremely Good

The instructor is extremely good! They were able to explain all topics in laymen's terms and made everyone understand at a very basic level - no unwanted technical jargons. By the end of training, everyone will have a fairly good understanding of the concepts taught with practicals, the instructor gives equal importance to practicals, which goes a long way in implementing whatever was taught.

Madhurya Performance engineer at Salesforce

Extremely Good

Attended training facilitated by Instructor on BQ optimization. Extremely helpful and relevant topics for folks at PayPal . would definitely recommend Instructor for the training on how to use BQ efficiently. Dept of his knowledge on the topic is great !

Guna Product Management | Risk Strategy | Decision Science | Product Analytics & Business Insights

Extremely Good

The course was on exact direction for the analysts , so that gave us the clarity needed for the course. The project related explanation in the beginning have made things a little smoother and helpful for the analysts.

Erica Smoother and Helpful

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Yes, you will receive a Certificate of Participation after successful completion of Starburst Training. 

As per Starburst policy, the recording for a VILT is not provided. 

Yes, it will be available only for the duration of the class.

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