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Exceptional knowledge.Commendable mentoring and training skills. Always on his toes to get the concepts straight to you. Got the perfect opportunity to attend training under Bhavuk on Big Data. Ever since things seem more interesting and achievable !

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Bhavuk Chawla is the best big data trainer I have met with detailed expertise on various ecosystem tools. His knowledge spans across different type of implementations using different platforms of technologies.

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My learning was enhanced by the knowledge and experience shared by the trainer.The contents were clear and easy to understand. The interactive session and prompted responds from instructor.The course exposed me to new knowledge and practices

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Adnan Bin Salehhuddin - Telekom Malaysia

The course is very useful in my daily work. The instructor is very helpful in explaining the theory in a great details

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Muhammad Saif - Telekom Malaysia

Over all this lessons were very interesting and helpful for our current jobs. Thanks teacher very diligent in preparing for the class document,lab environment,script etc. Thanks for effort and friendship to being an amazing mentor or teacher made an immediate impression with this classes being the most enjoyable and beneficial

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Ahmad Kamil Arif Endut - Telekom Malaysia

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Headway into the realm of Cloud, Data, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence and many more to stay ahead in the technology by exploring our recommended programs.

DC02 (15)

Artificial Intelligence for Managers

DC02 (17)

Deep Learning using Tensorflow and Cloud AI

DC02 (16)

Scalable Machine Learning and Deep Learning

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

Microsoft Azure

Confluent Stream Processing using Apache Kafka® Streams & ksqlDB

Confluent Advanced Skills for Optimizing Apache Kafka®

Confluent Developer Skills for Building Apache Kafka®

Big Data Analytics Project Based Training

Google Cloud Data Engineer

Managing Big Data using Hadoop and Spark

Docker Fundamentals

Docker & Kubernetes

Intermediate Kubernetes

Let's Start A New Project Together

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Just Enough Python For Machine Learning

Making Data useful for Machine Learning using Python Core, Numpy and Pandas

Big Data For Architects

Build Big Data Pipelines and Compare Key Big Data Technologies​

Big Data Crash Course

Ramp up on Key Big Data Technologies in Shortest Possible Time
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