About Us

Our Vision

To be a dynamic, vibrant and value-based global company centred around customer, employee and societal goals.

Our Mission

To work dedicatedly towards building an innovative and quality conscious global organisation encompassing the interests of customers, instilling values in employees and return for stakeholders.

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Our Core Values

Our core values are woven into the decisions that determine how we operate our business

Who We Are

DataCouch is an established Training, Staff Augmentation & Consultation provider since 2016. DataCouch has transformed over 25000 participants across the globe. The instructors at DataCouch have been teaching in various Fortune 500 companies including Salesforce, Adobe, Citibank and many others. DataCouch has been featured on the cover story of CIO Insider’s 10 Most Recommended AI Startups April 2021 Edition.

We are one of the leading partners with Confluent Kafka, Pluralsight, Snowflake, AWS, Google Cloud and Deep Cognition. We have delivered courses in various technologies including Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Snowflake, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Apache Spark, Confluent and Apache Kafka, Apache NiFi, DevOps, Blockchain, Robotics Process Automation and many more!

Our mission is to provide a phenomenal training experience that you will never forget!

World-class learning for anyone, anywhere

When you choose us, you choose the best!


Our training certificates can be used around the world and also in most popular universities and companies

Expert Instructors

We operate in a completely unique way amongst our peers. All of our staff members have passed through our rigorous training programmes.

100+ Courses

With a vast variety of courses, you are guaranteed to find something that's right for you

Online And Offline

Collaboration of Online and Offline Channels to provide ubiquitous content and learning

Artificial Intelligence

Check out our AI/ML courses


Check our courses on AWS, GCP


Check Confluent official courses

Data Engineering

Check out our Big Data course

We are different

A Large Range of Learning Paths to Match Goals.

We provide unparalleled training services to our clients across the country. We are one of the globally respected firms that provide e-learning training services  as per clients need. We would be delighted to provide our best to you.

Meet our Team

Who Makes the Magic Happen? Know About Them.

Bhavuk Chawla

Founder & Chief Instructor

Ajay Rawat

Chief Academic Officer

Upasna Jaswal


Mani Yangkatisal

Malaysia Country Head

Akanksha Chandola

Principal Consultant


Devin Walker

Principal Cloud Architect


David Jones

Chief Data Scientist


Amara Smith

Project Manager

Vikas Rewani

Principal Consultant


Enterprise Architect

Emma Anderson

Marketing Head


Sophia Wilson

Finance Head

Harshit Gupta

Big Data Expert


James Jackson


Oliver Wright


Sunidhi Rana

Support Expert

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