Learn the importance of consensus in transactions and how transactions are stored on Blockchain


3 Days


Advanced Level

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The program is focused on an overview of the structure and mechanism of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multichain Blockchain platforms. You will learn the importance of consensus in transactions and how transactions are stored on Blockchain. You will learn to setup your own private Blockchain and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum. You will also learn to deploy the business network using Hyperledger Composer and  provide a detailed overview of the conceptual and technical aspects of Corda

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The intended audience for this course:

  • Application Developers
  • Architects
  • System Engineers
  • Technical Managers
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  • Introduction
  • Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Cryptography
  • Symmetric Cryptography
  • Asymmetric Cryptography
  • Public Key Infrastructures
  • Hash Functions
  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • Why Blockchain is crucial?
  • Use Cases
  • Key vocabulary while discussing Blockchain
  • Distinction between databases and blockchain
  • Explaining distributed ledger
  • Blockchain ecosystem
  • Blockchain structure
  • Working of Blockchain technology
  • Permissioned and Permissionless Blockchain
  • Introduction to Hyperledger
  • Hyperledger Architecture
  • Consensus
  • Consensus & its interaction with architectural layers
  • Application programming interface
  • Application model
  • Network topology
  • Exploring Hyperledger frameworks
  • What is Corda?
  • Principal features
  • Concepts in Corda
  • Business logic
  • Corda Ledger
  • Setting up a Corda development environment
  • Exercise on Corda
  • Corda Vs Ethereum Vs Hyperledger
  • Contrast and Similarities
  • Use Cases and Success Stories
  • What is CorDapp?
  • How to write a CorDapp
  • How to upgrade a CorDapp to a new version
  • Corda API
  • Object serialization
  • Secure programming guidelines
  • Introduction to States
  • State Sequence
  • The Vault
  • IOUState 
  • Introduction to Smart Contracts
  • Key features
  • Developing Smart Contracts
  • Introduction to Transactions
  • Life cycle of transactions
  • Creating a Transaction Proposal
  • Completing the Transactions
  • Committing Transactions
  • Introduction to Consensus
  • Types of Consensus
  • Notaries Services
  • Notaries Services Workflow
  • Oracles
  • Implementing Oracles
  • Introduction to the Node
  • Peer Network
  • Understanding Flow in the Network
  • Membership and Admission to the Network 
  • Introduction to Plugins and API
  • Node Plugins
  • Registering APIs
  • Registering Static Web Content
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The participants should have a basic knowledge of Java Programming Skills.


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