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Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification

Learn how to prepare for the certification


2 Days


Advanced Level

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Google is an undisputed leader in the Data and Machine Learning world. Google Cloud Platform enables and empowers organizations to run their workloads along with their flagship applications like Gmail, YouTube etc. Specialized skills are required to perform Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform. In order to be recognized as a Google Certified Professional Data Engineer, it is necessary to gain in-depth understanding of the GCP Data and ML related services.
This preparatory course for GCP Data Engineer certification has been proposed as 2 half day workshops –

  1. Workshop 1: To provide holistic understanding about the certification objectives of the exam
    Break for one month to prepare for the exam
  2. Workshop 2: To discuss scenarios and practice questions
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Data Engineers

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  • Google’s Key Products related to Data and ML
  • Data Pipelines on GCP
  • Certification Objectives Walkthrough
  • Tips for the preparation of the exam
  • Resources to go through
  • Question and Answer format
  • Explanation of answers to ensure that everyone is on the same page
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Google Data Engineering is a vast topic, in case, the participants are not familiar with it then they would struggle to understand a lot of discussions during these short workshops.


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