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AI for Everyone

Making AI accessible for everyone


2 Hours


Basic Level

Design and Tailor this course

As per your team needs

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This session will provide an overview of AI with ML as the focus area. After the successful completion of this course you would be able to:

  • Demystifying terms related to AI
  • Understanding the goal of a AI based algorithms
  • A high level overview of the way we fulfil this goal, explained with an example
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  • Core subjects which form the foundation of AI
  • Understanding of related terms – AI, ML, RL, DL etc
  • Deductive Learning
  • Inductive Learning
  • A Traditional Scientist
  • A Traditional Engineer
  • A Data/Decision Scientist
  • Computer Vision and its Demo
  • NLP and its Demo
  • and many more
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None, beginners may participate, no hands on coding during the session


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