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AI for Managers

Learn the power of AI to help the management to define the right path for their team/organization.


1 Day


Beginner Level

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Artificial intelligence is changing the way we work and live, so this course will help in enabling leaders, product managers and techno-functional professionals in understanding the Digital Intelligent Automation space, how AI is creating tremendous value in various industries such as Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail and Automotive industries across the world.

Course Description

Artificial Intelligence is a hot and happening technology so this course will help in understanding what are the AI adoption challenges, what are business needs for the technologies and value proposition. This course will help in kick starting the AIML journey in any organization, will provide frameworks/techniques to quickly adopt and start AIML programs across organizations. Will also showcase some best use cases and real-life scenarios across industries to appreciate the benefits and value of embracing these technologies.

What you will learn from this course

  • What is AI
  • Business needs and Trends in AI
  • What are various tools and technologies in AI
  • What are adoption challenges in AI
  • What are the various Use cases in AI across various Industries such as Banking,Insurance,Healthcare,Retail etc
  • AI applications such as Chatbots, NLP, Computer vision, Deep Neural networks
  • AI implementation techniques -AI strategy, how to start AI project, building AI team, generating ROI from AI project
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This program is designed for those who aspire for Data/ML/AI roles:

  • CXO
  • VP
  • Director
  • Managers
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  • What is AI
  • What are the adoption challenges to AI
  • Trends in AI
  • Machines Learning algorithms
  • Non-technical explanation of Deep Learning
  • Banking- Fraud Detection, Consumer Lending, Payments
  • Insurance- Underwriting, Claims
  • Retail/eCommerce- Predictions, Recommendations
  • Manufacturing
  • Building AI Strategy and Roadmap
  • How to choose AI project
  • How to build AI team
  • What are AI best practices
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • AI transformation playbook
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None, Basic understanding of technology


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