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Developer Course on Java and Spring

Learn the best practices for building Enterprise Applications!


5 Days


Basic Level

Design and Tailor this course

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The course is designed to provide a hands-on experience of key concepts, technologies, and services used in Java and Spring based Enterprise Applications. You will then explore the capabilities of Spring Boot and Spring data management options. The course will conclude with reviewing Spring MVC as well as Restful Spring and a discussion of other Spring capabilities.

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  • Software Engineers

        Or Anyone interested in learning how to build Java applications

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  • Understand the Java platform (JRE)
  • Understand the Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • Explain the Java programming language
  • Utilize Eclipse for Java development
  • Create well-formed objects 
  • Packages and access modifiers
  • Subclasses
  • Interfaces 
  • Default methods
  • Abstract classes
  • Polymorphism
  • Enumerations
  • Understand static (class) versus instance (object) design
  • Create static variables, methods, and initializers
  • Exception basics
  • RunTime v. Application Exceptions
  • Write code to handle exceptions
  • Create your own Exception types 
  • Understand the collection types
  • Choose List, Set, or Map
  • Create type-safe collections with Generics
  • Order, Search and Convert Collections
  • Understanding the difference between and java.nio
  • Implement File I/O using java.nio.file.File and java.nio.file.Path
  • Advanced I/O with Serialization and data input/output streams
  • Implications of using on other operating systems
  • Explain threads
  • Create and control Threads
  • Prevent data corruption
  • Determine Thread’s state
  • Work with stack traces
  • Advanced Java Threads
  • Key Concepts
  • Working with properties and configuration (Java & XML)
  • Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection
  • Understanding Annotations
  • Spring configuration
  • Annotations
  • Bean scopes
  • External properties

Bean profiles

  • Autowiring and component scanning
  • Lifecycle annotations
  • Working with stereotypes
  • Getting started with Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot use cases
  • Dependency management with Spring Boot starters
  • Auto-configuration More capabilities
  • Spring data management options
  • Configuring a data source
  • Spring JDBC
  • Spring JPA
  • Spring Data
  • Overview
  • Controller Configuration
  • Parameter Handling
  • View Resolvers
  • Working with Model Data
  • Managing MVC with Spring Boot
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Basic Knowledge of any Programming Language


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