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IoT in Business

Demystifying the Technology


3 Days with 2 hours/day


Basic Level

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The Internet of Things is an opportunity and mechanism to lead the transformation. This course provides scope to explore Business with IoT and demystify the roadmap for creating IoT based real-world Business applications. This course aims at helping the participants to lead the transformation in their Business models rather than understanding the technicalities. Therefore the objective is to achieve strategic advantage in Business.

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The intended audience for this course:

  • Anyone interested in getting an expertise in the field of IoT
  • Anyone with a basic understanding of Electronic Devices and Internet Communication
  • Anyone who wants to get trained to use certain tools to collect and sort data, develop graphs, create documents and make visualizations
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  • Overview and architecture of IoT
  • Trends in IoT
  • KPI of IoT: Setting Key Business Metrics 
  • IoT Digital Technologies
  • Skills required to apply IoT to improve Business analysis
  • IoT Business Strategy 
  • IoT Data Analysis
  • Leverage IoT in Smart Factories
  • Challenges in IoT implementation
  • Role of Business Analysis in IoT Projects
  • Into the Future: Staying Connected
  • Case studies:
    • Smart Factory Solution
    • Inventory Management
    • Industrial Internet of Things
    • Digital Technologies and Future of Manufacturing
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  1. Basic knowledge of Internet Communication and Electronic Devices
  2. Basic understanding of Key Performance Indicators in Business strategy
  3. Basic understanding of Database


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