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Just Enough Python for Machine Learning and AI

A Concise Introduction to Python for Machine Learning and AI


1 hour +


Beginner Level

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Self paced

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This 1-hour self-paced course is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in using Python for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The course covers essential Python concepts and libraries commonly used in ML and AI projects. Participants will learn how to apply Python to perform data manipulation, implement machine learning algorithms, and create AI models. The course includes hands-on exercises and practical examples to reinforce the learning experience.

Note: This course is designed as a self-paced learning experience, allowing participants to complete the content at their own pace within the allotted time.

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  • Professionals or students interested in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Python developers looking to apply Python in ML and AI projects
  • Data scientists or analysts aiming to enhance their Python skills for ML and AI tasks
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  • Overview of Python’s role in ML and AI
  • Setting up Python development environment
  • Data types and variables
  • Control structures: loops and conditionals
  • Functions and modules
  • Introduction to NumPy and Pandas libraries
  • Handling and preprocessing data
  • Exploring datasets
  • Overview of popular ML algorithms
  • Supervised and unsupervised learning techniques
  • Model training and evaluation
  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence and its applications
  • Introduction to deep learning and neural networks
  • Building AI models with Python
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  • Basic understanding of Python programming language
  • Familiarity with fundamental concepts of machine learning and AI is beneficial but not mandatory


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