Redis Essentials

Getting started with Redis


2 Days (3.5 hrs each session)


Basic Level

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In today’s world where each Software application is meant to respond in real time, Redis plays a key role to enable this. This course provides a pragmatic introduction to in-memory data structure stores, used as a database, cache, and session management system. Furthermore, we will take a deep-dive into Redis data structures and its various use cases.

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Any Technical IT professional who is keen in getting started with Redis

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  • Redis Features
  • Open Source vs Enterprise Redis Distribution
  • Architecture
  • Redis vs Other Caching Solutions
  • Ways to interact with Redis
  • Demo: Walkthrough of Redis Installation
  • A quick overview of Redis Documentation
  • Demo: Redis Basic Commands
  • Data Structures 
    • Simple
    • Advanced 
  • Pragmatic Applications –
    • Caching
    • Session Management
    • Implementing Live Leaderboards
    • Pub/Sub Messaging 
    • Binary Operations
    • Queues
  • Demo: Applying Data Structures 
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  • Understanding of Web Application Development
    Preferably having experience working with Databases like MySQL/MongoDB etc.


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