Spring Boot Fundamentals

Making it easy to create standalone, production-grade Applications


3 Days


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The Spring Boot Fundamentals course provides a comprehensive, developer’s eye understanding of the Spring and Spring Boot ecosystem. It covers everything from basic Spring concepts, to advanced Spring Boot configuration, to creating and consuming REST applications connected to databases. It addresses testing at various degrees of resolution, and looks at framework support for monitoring Spring Boot applications. Along the way it explores various tricks and techniques to use Spring Boot effectively.

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  • Developers
  • Software Engineers
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  • Capabilities of the modern Spring ecosystem
  • Spring v. Spring Boot
  • Factory Pattern
  • Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control
  • The Application Context and Spring Beans
  • Xml and Java Configuration
  • Dependency Injection Techniques
  • Profiles
  • Testing concepts for Spring and Dependency Injection
  • Advantage of using Spring Boot for Spring Applications
  • start.spring.io
  • application.properties and application.yaml
  • Logging – Logback/Log4j
  • Externalize Configuration – @ConfigurationProperties
  • Testing with Spring Boot
  • What is REST?
  • Controllers and RestControllers
  • Configuration
  • Content Negotiation
  • Controller Mappings
  • Customizing Controller Responses
  • Testing Rest Services
  • RestTemplate
  • HttpClient (Java 11+)
  • Overview of JDBC and JPA/Hibernate
  • Spring Boot and databases
  • DataSource configuration
  • Initializing Databases for testing
  • Spring Data Repositories
  • Testing Spring Data
  • Exploring available Endpoints 
  • Configuring Endpoint availability 
  • Securing Endpoints 
  • Creating custom Endpoints
  • Why Reactive 
  • Reactive Interfaces – Publisher, Subscriber, Subscription, Processor
  • Project Reactor Interfaces – Flux, Mono 
  • Reactive REST services – WebFlux, WebClient
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  • Familiarity with Java and basic OO concepts; Encapsulation, Inheritance, Generalization, Instance vs Static Features
  •  Java 8 features like lambdas and Streams


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