Working with Git

Manage your Source Code in the right way!


2 Days


Basic Level

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“Working with Git” training course is designed to demonstrate how to use Git from scratch, as well as how to apply that knowledge in day-to-day projects.

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  • Software Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Automation Engineers
  • Big Data Engineers

Or Anyone who want to start with Object Versioning controlling systems

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  • The core principles of change management
  • The power to undo changes
  • Audit trails and investigations
  • Reproducible software
  • Introduction to Git
  • Trees and commits
  • Configure Git
  • Add, rename, and remove files
  • Simplify common commands with aliases
  • Ignore build artifacts
  • Save Changes for Later Use (Stashing)
  • Branch basics 
  • List differences between branches
  • Visualize branches
  • Delete branches 
  • Tag
  • Merge basics
  • Merge conflicts
  • Merge remote branches
  • Synchronize objects with remotes
  • Track branches
  • Remote branch management
  • Fork and work with upstreams
  • Introduction to GitHub
  • Git repositories on GitHub
  • Daily workflow
  • Use pull requests and code reviews
  • Branch strategies
  • Remote strategies
  • Tagging strategies
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Basic Knowledge of Computer Skills


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