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Blockchain Basics + Ethereum Developer

Explore the world of Ethereum and master Blockchain


5 Days


Intermediate Level

Design and Tailor this course

As per your team needs

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During this training, you will learn:

  • An excellent overall understanding of the Ethereum architecture and Solidity language.
  • All functional components (including smart contracts) required to develop an Ethereum Blockchain.
  • The understanding of how to instantiate an Ethereum application on the network.
  • An in-depth understanding of how transactions are created and implemented on an Ethereum network.
  • Defi -Decentralized Finance and NFT-Non fungible Tokens
  • Ethereum Layer 2 solutions
  • Design, build and launch your own Dapp
  • Experiment with advanced developer tooling on Ethereum
  • Compare and contrast Ethereum 2.0 vs. alternative blockchain scaling solutions
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This course is designed for  Developers and Architects looking to develop applications on Ethereum Blockchain Platform. This includes end to end implementation of development ,testing and production based best practices.

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  • The Impact of Failure and Determining Your 
  • Welcome to Module 1: Review of Blockchain Technology
  • Module Pre-Assessment 
  • Contextualizing Blockchain
    • Distributed Ledgers
    • Consensus Mechanisms
    • Mining in Ethereum
    • Public and Private Blockchains
    • Distributed Ledger Platforms
    • Module Test
  • Module Pre-Assessment 
  • Cryptographic Hash Functions
    • Playing with Cryptographic Hash Functions
  • Public Key Cryptography
  • Merkle Trees
    • Playing with Merkle Trees
  • Blockchain Structure
    • Building a Blockchain
  • Smart Contracts
    • Smart Contracts
  • Nodes
  • Blockchain Forks
  •  Module Test
  • Smart Contracts and the EVM
  • Introduction to Remix
  •  Introduction to Truffle Suite — Part 1
  • Introduction to Truffle Suite — Part 2 
  • Solidity Background and Context
  • Solidity Data Types and Variables
  • Solidity Functions 
  • Solidity Storage and Memory
  • Solidity Contract Structure
  • Smart Contract ABI
  • Solidity Events and Logs 
  • Solidity Factory Contracts 
  •  General Finance and Access Control: Multi-Sig Tutorial
  • Upgradable Contracts
  • Additional Material: Upgradable Contracts
  • Optimizing Gas
  • Web 3 Javascript Libraries (Web3.js and ethers.js) 
  • Connecting to a Smart Contract Using Web3.js
  •  Live Session: Introduction to Javascript for Dapp Development
  • Introduction to Infura
  • TDD and Truffle Tests
  • Truffle Debugger, Configuration, Mainnet Forking
  • Other Development Tools: Hardhat, Scaffold-Eth, Brownie
  • Building a Frontend Interface with React and Truffle (Election Dapp) 
  • State Management in a Dapp with web3-react (Logistics Dapp) 
  • Making clone of Pancake Swap 
  • NFT clone and  Deployed via Opensea
  • Module Pre-Assessment
  • Writing Tests
    • Catching Solidity Errors in Truffle Tests
  • Smart Contract Best Practices
  • Exploits and Dangers
  • Optimizing Gas
  • Safety Checklist
  • Security Analysis Tools
  • Attack Demos
    • Denial of Service Attack Example
    • Reentrancy Attack Example
    • Integer Over/Underflow Example
  • Module Test
  • Module Recap
  •  Smart Contract Design Patterns
  • The Ethereum Name Service
  • Introduction to IPFS
  • Upgradable Contracts
  • Oracles with Rhombus
    • Rhombus Network
    • Rhombus Network Tutorial
  • Formal Verification
  • What are Zero-Knowledge Proofs?
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The candidates are expected to know any one programming language of their choice, familiarity with Operating Systems and some basic experience in the backend of web development.


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