Advanced NiFi 

Data Flow Optimization Strategies in Advanced NiFi


1 Day (8 Hours)


Advanced Level

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This course outline is designed to take you from the fundamentals of Apache NiFi to advanced dataflow design and administration. Whether you’re new to NiFi or looking to expand your skillset, this comprehensive program will equip you with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to succeed in the world of data integration.

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This course is ideal for:

  • Data Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Developers
  • IT Professionals
  • Anyone interested in learning Apache NiFi for data integration and processing
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  • What is Apache NiFi?
  • Key features and benefits
  • Use cases and applications
  • NiFi architecture and components
  • FlowFile concept and data flow management
  • Installing and configuring NiFi
  • Using the NiFi User Interface (Canvas)
  • Creating and running basic dataflows
  • Working with Processors and Controller Services
  • Exploring the NiFi Expression Language (EL)
  • Importing data from various sources (files, databases, web services, etc.)
  • Applying transformations with standard processors (Split, Filter, Route, etc.)
  • Customizing data using Expression Language
  • Working with data provenance and lineage
  • Building complex dataflows with branching and conditional logic
  • Utilizing custom processors and extensions
  • Implementing counter processors and state management
  • Leveraging NiFi Registry for configuration management
  • Optimizing dataflows for efficiency and scalability
  • Monitoring dataflow health and performance metrics
  • Troubleshooting common NiFi issues
  • Using NiFi API for programmatic control
  • Securing NiFi deployments with authentication and authorization
  • Managing user roles and permissions
  • Clustered NiFi deployments for high availability
  • Integrating NiFi with other big data platforms (Hadoop, Spark, etc.)
  • Implementing real-time data processing with Apache Kafka
  • Building microservices with NiFi
  • Exploring NiFi for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Best practices for designing, developing, and deploying NiFi dataflows
  • Real-world examples of NiFi use cases in different industries
  • Best practices for designing, building, and managing data pipelines
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  • Basic understanding of computers and networking
  • No prior programming experience required, but basic familiarity with scripting languages like Python or Java is helpful


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