Data Analysis using Big Query

Unleash the power of serverless Data Warehouse i.e. Big Query for analyzing your data in an optimized way!!


2 Days


Intermediate Level

Design and Tailor this course

As per your team needs

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The program initially provides a high level overview of BigQuery, after that, it delves down deeper into it and provides exposure around loading data, exporting data and exploring data using BigQuery.

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Data Engineers
Data Analyst
Data Scientists

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  • What is BigQuery?
  • Background 
  • BigQuery vs Hive
  • Use cases for Google BigQuery
  • Google BigQuery Fundamentals
  • Hands-on: Experience BigQuery
  • Schema Design
  • Creating datasets and tables
  • How to define ACLs for datasets?
  • Data Preparation and Transformation Aspect
  • Dealing with streaming data and bulk loading
  • Hands-on:  Loading Data Into BigQuery
  • Control requirements for exporting data
  • Quota policies
  • Access control requirements for exporting data
  • Access quotas
  • Compression and DataFormats
  • Exporting data to Google Cloud Storage
  • Hands-on: Exporting Data from BigQuery related exercises
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Participants should preferably have knowledge of SQL query language.


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