Intermediate Kubernetes

Learn a deeper dive into Kubernetes architecture, concepts, and container management


3 Days


Intermediate Level

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The objective of this course is to ensure that participants who have familiarity with docker and Kubernetes are able to successfully build up on that knowledge and ramp up on advanced concepts like container patterns, security, resource management, scaling and managed Kubernetes in Cloud.
During this instructor-led, hands-on course, participants will learn to:

  • Understand container patterns
  • Cluster and namespace level resource management
  • Scaling and securing Kubernetes cluster
  • Get overview of Kubernetes service on AWS
  • Managing microservices based application with Helm
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This course is designed for application developers, DevOps engineers, Architects, QAs, Technical Managers

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  • Architecture
  • Resilience
  • Pod
  • Service
  • ReplicaSet
  • Deployment
  • ConfigMap
  • Secret
  • Probes
  • Init Containers
  • Sidecar Pattern
  • Ambassador Pattern
  • Adapter Pattern
  • Ingress
  • Requests and limits
  • Resourcequota
  • Metrics
  • Metrics Server
  • Horizontal Pod Autoscaler
  • Scaling best practices
  • Cluster Autoscaler
  • Introduction to EKS
  • EKS Architecture
  • EKS Demo
  • Charts
  • Repositories
  • Release
  • CLI
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Understanding of containerization and docker (i.e. ability to build an image with dockerfile, tag/push/pull images, run containers, docker cli)

  • Understanding of basic K8s concepts (i.e. pod, service, deployment, configmap and probes)
  • Attendees should have coding experience and familiarity with build tools, source management with git, branching, automated testing, build and deployment automation
  • Basic aptitude with shell
  • Participants are required to have a laptop/computer with unobstructed internet access to fully participate in the class


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