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Kubernetes Security

Learn how to harden Kubernetes clusters and resolve security issues that may happen through misconfiguration or performance tuning.


2 Days


Intermediate Level

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The Kubernetes Security training course is designed for experienced developers that want to harden
Kubernetes clusters simply beyond the operational aspects that may cause misconfiguration and compromise
the security of a cluster. Kubernetes is an open-source container/orchestration system used to create highly
scalable, maintainable, and reliable infrastructure automation.
Students will begin by learning how Kubernetes clusters can be misconfigured and cause security
vulnerabilities. Next, students will gain new skills in identifying and mitigating security issues within a cluster with
real-world examples in a hands-on Kubernetes cluster. Performance tuning of Kubernetes clusters will be
examined and the considerations that need to be made to increase performance but not reduce the security of
the cluster. Finally, students will understand the architecture of Kubernetes security and gain the skills necessary
for expertise in securing a cluster.

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  • Software Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Big Data Engineers
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  • What isn’t my cluster hardened by default?
  • Definition of terms and concerns in Kubernetes security
  • What is an immutable design?
  • Configuration and Deployment
  • Pod Policies
  • Configuration and Deployment
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Knowledge of Kubernetes


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