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Generative AI NLP Specialization | Level 4

Building Intelligent Solutions with Generative AI


3 Days


Intermediate Level

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Welcome to the “Generative AI NLP Specialization | Level 4” course, in this comprehensive program is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of harnessing the power of Large Language Models for innovative projects and applications. From implementing cutting-edge RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) and LangChain architectures to exploring a wide range of generative AI projects, you’ll gain the skills needed to navigate the intricate landscape of modern AI technologies. 

By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped to design and develop advanced LLM-based applications that integrate seamlessly with various environments, ensuring responsible and impactful AI implementation.

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  • Developers and software engineers interested in learning GenerativeAI
  • AI enthusiasts and professionals aiming to build intelligent and innovative solutions
  • Even Data scientists and machine learning practitioners seeking to enhance their skills in working with GenAI models
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  • RAG Architecture walk through
  • Concepts for LangChain Projects
    • Utilizing embeddings and vector data stores
    • Enhancing LangChain performance
  • LangChain Framework
    • Taking LLMs out of the box
    • Integrating LLMs into new environments using memories, chains, and agents
  • Applications of Generative Models
    • Importance and Usefulness
    • Potential Applications
  • Text Generation Use Cases
  • Building NLP Applications using OpenAI API
    • Summarization, Text Classification, and Fine-tuning GPT Models
  • Generative AI Project Lifecycle
  • Using LLMs in Applications
  • Interacting with External Applications
  • Helping LLMs Reason and Plan with Chain-of-Thought
  • Program-aided Language Models
  • LLM Application Architectures
  • RAG Method
  • Responsible AI Considerations
  • Lab: Using RAG & LangChain modules – Developing a question-answering application with RAG, LangChain, OpenAI, and Hugging Face Spaces
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Participants should have attended Generative AI NLP Specialisation | Level 3 course or have an equivalent knowledge.


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