Introduction to Prompt Engineering

Exploring the power and capabilities of ChatGPT using Prompt Engineering


2 Days (8 hours per day)


Basic Level

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In this course, participants will delve into the intricacies of Prompt Engineering, with a focus on practical applications such as using API calls. From setting up authentication and API keys to making basic text-generation requests, students will gain hands-on experience in manipulating prompts effectively. Additionally, they will explore advanced parameters like temperature and max tokens to refine their text generation skills. By the end of the course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of Prompt Engineering, bolstered by real-world project experience to further solidify their learning.

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  • Developers curious about the art of shaping AI-generated content.
  • Students eager to bridge theory and practice in the realm of prompt engineering.
  • Professionals looking to leverage ChatGPT to boost their productivity.
  • Anyone intrigued by the limitless possibilities of language models and their creative potential.
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  • Generative AI Overview
  • Working on Generative AI
  • Introduction to Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • LLM Architecture
  • LLMs and Gen AI Real-Life use cases
  • Ways to Customize Large Language Models
  • Overview of Prompt Engineering
  • Real-world applications and examples
  • Setting up an Account for using ChatGPT
  • Key Elements of Prompt Engineering 
  • Good Prompts vs Bad Prompts
  • Tips for designing single-stage Prompts
  • Designing effective multistage prompts
  • Implementing iterative refinement processes
  • Integrating feedback loops into multistage prompts
  • Setting up authentication and API keys
  • Making basic text-generation requests
  • Handling advanced parameters such as temperature and max tokens
  • Techniques for summarization (extractive vs. abstractive)
  • Evaluating the quality of summaries
  • Data preprocessing techniques for text
  • Paraphrasing and text expansion methods
  • Implementing text transformation techniques
  • Zero-shot Prompt Engineering
  • Few-shot Prompt Engineering
  • Consistency over Time (COT)
  • Self-consistency 
  • Generate Knowledge Prompting (GKP)
  • Test of Time (TOT) Prompt Engineering
  • Adaptive Prompting
  • Template-Based Approach Prompting
  • Interview Pattern Approach
  • Chain-of-Thought Approach 
  • Tree-of-Thought Approach
  • Importance of Prompt Engineering for Images
  • Basic Elements of Prompts
  • Subject, Background, and Text
  • Adding Style & Compositions
  • Lighting & Shadows
  • Emotions & Atmosphere
  • Colors & Textures


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  • It is important to know some fundamentals of programming, like API calls, etc
  • A basic understanding of ChatGPT will be helpful.


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