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PoSH Essentials: Building a Safe Work Environment

Enhancing Organizational Culture through Prevention of Sexual Harassment


2 Hours


Basic Level

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This training provides a detailed understanding of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) at the workplace as mandated by the PoSH Act 2013. The course is designed to educate participants about the legal definitions, types of harassment, complaint procedures, and responsibilities of the Internal Committee (IC). It aims to empower employees to create a safe and respectful work environment, foster a culture of dignity and inclusivity, and ensure compliance with legal standards.

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  • HR Professionals and Managers: To understand legal compliance and enhance leadership capabilities.
  • Team Leaders and Supervisors: For improving team management and conflict resolution skills.
  • All Employees: To foster a respectful and collaborative work environment.
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  • Definitions
    • PoSH Act 2013
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Workplace
    • Employer
    • Employee
    • Aggrieved Woman
    • Respondent
    • Internal Committee
  • Types of Sexual harassment
  • Where and how to complain?
  • Responsibilities of an IC (Internal Committee)
  • Inquiry Process & Timelines
  • False and Malicious Complaint
  • Q & A Session
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  • No specific prerequisites are required for this training.
  • Basic understanding of workplace dynamics and ethics could be beneficial.


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