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Case Study

Our success stories with different brands demonstrate the transformative power of data and AI in various industries

Deriving Insights from Data

About the Client

Our client operates within the technology industry, offering a diverse range of products and services primarily through online platforms. With a broad customer base, the client sought DataCouch’s expertise to optimize their customer retention strategies through data science techniques.

Understanding the Challenge

Implementation by DataCouch

  • Collaborated to gather relevant customer data, ensuring accuracy and consistency through rigorous preprocessing.
  • Uncovered patterns, trends, and correlations within customer data to understand segmentation and behaviour.
  • Employed advanced machine learning models to predict churn accurately, based on historical data.
  • Utilized clustering algorithms to segment customers based on behaviour, preferences, and lifetime value.
  • Developed predictive models to estimate CLV, enabling prioritization of high-value customers and effective resource allocation.
  • Designed targeted strategies, including personalized marketing campaigns and loyalty programs, based on churn prediction and CLV estimation.
  • Recommended interventions such as upselling opportunities and personalized offers to enhance value for low-CLV customers.

Impact on the Company

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