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Transformed Professionals In Below Companies

Our positive impact has revolutionized learning for many companies and professionals for a number of years, improving efficiencies, workflow and collaboration.

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Training on Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform
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Visa University Lab Setup

We originally tried DataCouch for the potential reach, but we are eager to see how well the interactive training deliveries drove engagement to the Visa University Lab.

The intention of the project was to provide an internal Visa infrastructure to support hands-on lab exercises required for supporting technical trainings. This will enable Visa to stay compliant with IT security requirements while reducing time needed for tech setup for each on-site ILT training.

Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) Setup

EDH consists of CDH and Elastic search platforms. It is acting as the Backbone of the company as it is designed to serve as a single data repository. The project scope involved developing a Customer 360 view on top of data in EDH. Elasticsearch is being utilized to serve data to Business Analysts for showing reports in Kibana.

  • Data Munging/Processing using Spark 2.x DataSet API
  • ElasticSearch REST API for serving dashboards
  • Hive and Impala utilized for reporting and Ad-hoc querying respectively
  • Highly secure cluster i.e. Implemented Kerberos, Sentry etc
  • Using typical Lambda Architecture

Transforming Java Engineers to Data Scientists

Our consultants/instructors have been involved in the process of transforming Software Engineers into Data Scientists as well as Machine Learning Engineers in various Big Companies like Salesforce, Adobe, Google and many more..

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